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Generation II (english)

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Day 0
A Rocking Chair (Quest 38):
We get a message from our descendent. He tells us that he is thankful that we follow his footsteps. We are given the travel pig and all the NPCs seem to be informed about our arrival, too.
The ancestor is awaiting us in front of our house. We talk to him.
If you want to change your race/appearance this is the time to do so. Tell uncle that you want to change. Attention: you can change only once!!! So make sure you really decided on how you want to look like!
Horatio gives us some resources. Now we can immediately choose an occupation.
As soon as we got an occupation we go and tell our ancestor about it. He tells us to get a second one.
Now our lovely ancestor desires a rocking chair. Just give him 200 SP.
As a reward we will find a statue of our ancestor in our inventory. Just put it into your house and enjoy the pleasure of having a wonderful and magnificent statue showing yourself.
When our beloved ancestor is sitting in his new wonderful chair we talk to him again. We are given the chop-o-mat and the silver cape.

Day 3
The Broken Axe (Quest 39):
Matricia is calling for help. The beech grew back and is blocking her way.
We chop the beech with our chop-o-mat.
Unfortunately the axe breaks. Karamix shall never hear about that.
Go and tell Matricia that you chopped the beech and ask her whether she can fix the axe for us.
To do so Matricia needs frog spit. ... frog? ... We remember the guard we transformed into a frog once. So we go to the jail in the guild area.
The guard wants to be turned back into a human in return. Back to Matricia.
She gives us bumblebee water. Back to our cute frog.
Again we talk to the frog. We got our frog spit by now and the frog is re-transformed into a man.
Back to Matricia. By using the frog spit she is able to fix the chop-o-mat.
Now we can give the axe back to Karamix. He is glad that his axe is so very shiny and gives us 50 silver coins as a reward.

Day 6
The Return of the Druid (Quest 40):
Lorena tells us that she barricaded herself in her house cause she feels that she is watched by someone. She asks for help.
We hurry to Lorena's house. When we arrive we already see the ferry man who actually is the druid.
He wants to give us a magical water card as soon as we give Lorena a letter from him.
Talk to Lorena about druid and about the letter. Decide to keep the letter for now.
Go to Matricia. She checks the letter but cannot find anything magical about it.
We can give the letter to Lorena without worrying.
Now the druid gives us the water card.

Day 9
Spell of Protection (Quest 41):
Heather Rose is calling for help. She is under siege from the druids pupils.
When we arrive we can't see anybody. Heather Rose barricaded herself in her house.
She is scared and asks us to bring her away from the house. Think hard...
We go to Lorena and ask her how to put a spell of protection on a house. She says that the spell is written on a script roll which should be known to Matricia.
Matricia is sure that the script can be found in the old ruin.
We go to the ruin and say the good old password "MUNDUS VULT DECIPI". The script is one of those that are on the bookshelf.
The right one is script number 7. The script only says "Floor", that surely cannot be the spell!? No, it cannot We search the floor. There are some loose floor tiles. Maybe we should take a closer look. Under one of those floor tiles we finally find the script (NOTE: For every user the scroll is hidden under another floor tile). Take it and off we go... back to Matricia.
The spell of protection consists of the initial letters of the words on the script. GMPTHTBPSRABTFP
Back to Heather Rose and say the spell. Now the house is under protection and Heather Rose feels safe again.

Day 12
The Newborn Baby (Quest 42):
Heather Rose gave birth to a boy.
Heather Rose's house is surrounded by the druid's pupils. You can challenge them but they are way too strong for us.
Enter the house. The pupils wont hinder us.
Heather Rose wants that we bring her son away (unnoticed) since she fears the spell of protection could turn against him too.
Matricia agrees to hide and to take care of Brightwhite (that's the name of the baby). To smuggle him out of the house she needs 5 wood, a jug of milk and a truffle.
Chop some wood or get it on the market.
Senkel has some milk for you.
To get the truffle go and talk to Jolasius. Then go north-west to the grain field. Our pig smells the truffle. The truffle is west of the path near the field that leads from north to south, between 3 trees.
Back to Matricia. She makes truffle milk. When you want to go back to Heather Rose she demands that our beloved pig stays with her. (just ask her to take care of it). As soon as Matricia got the pig we get the truffle milk.
Back to Heather Rose. Give the truffle milk to Brightwhite. He transforms into a pig and in this form he can pass the druid's pupils unnoticed.
Leave the house and talk to Brightwhite when you leave. The druid's pupils check you and take the water card.
Go and talk to Matricia. She will take care of Brightwhite. Now we can get our oh so lovely travel pig back.

Day 15
The Prophecy (Quest 43):
We wonder how little Brightwhite is doing. Maybe we should go and check ...
We see that Brightwhite has turned all black! Matricia remembers a prophecy that says we can convert him as soon as we know the travel pig's name.
Horatio would know the name... if he just was still alive *sigh* .... We should start our search at Jolasius.
Jolasius believes that we can summon Horatio's ghost with his favorite wine "Frolique". Our ancestor is said to own a bottle of that wine.
The lovely ancestor agrees to give us the bottle but he demands 1500 SP in return for a bath tub. When we give him the SPs we get the wine.
We enter Horatio's grave and click on the bottle in our inventory. The ghost materializes and tells us that piggy has no name. Matricia can surely help, can't she?
Off we go to Matricia. We chose a new name for piggy-baby. We inform Matricia about the new name of our pig. Now the two pigs (travel pig and Brightwhite) need to introduce themselves to each other. Therefore click on Brightwhite.
Brightwhite turns back into a baby.

Day 18
Brightwhite in Danger / A Safe Home (Quest 44):
We have a bad conscience.... we should go and visit Brightwhite!
Matricia tells us that she is too weak to care for the little infant. We need to find a safe place where we can leave Brightwhite.
When we ask Karamix where we could find such a safe place he accidently mentions Gaul.
Senkel also has interesting news for us: Tombo is back, he has been moved.
*drum roll* right, Tombo is now posted at the border to the Gallic area. When you are at Heather Rose's house follow the path to the south and turn left when you reach the tavern. Unfortunately Tombo wont let us pass the river.
Back to Matricia. When we tell her that we want to bring Brightwhite to Gaul she gives us the baby. We click on Brightwhite (I will call him from now on BW... that's faster) and he goes directly into our inventory... yay we got a baby in our back pack
Now that we got BW with us Tombo shows some compassion for us. Additionally he gives us some more interesting information: The child should be given to Kippfix, Karamix's brother. His house is the one next to the tavern. Before you can do so we have to give Tombo 20 bricks to fix the broken bridge.
The bridge is fixed and we can enter the Gallic area. We follow the path to the south and soon we can see the tavern and right of it Kippfix' house.
Kippfix welcomes us heartily (not warm and hot as nasty would do) and we have to answer some questions:
the family's heirloom is the chop-o-mat (hackomat)
the niece is Feline
and the animal that is included in the favorite tavern's name is a monkey ("The Lousy Monkey") (you could also use "ape")
Since we knew all the correct answers Kippfix agrees to care for BW from now on.

Day 21
A Warning / The Perilous Hats (Quest 45):
Tombo is calling. He wants to talk to us urgently and wants to warn us about something.
When we arrive at the bridge to Gaul Tombo tells us that he really needs the hats of the robbers which had kidnapped Karamix' children. He tells us that those hats are perilous.
Karamix children Bambix and Feline are staying with Kippfix. They got the hats.
When we arrive at Kippfix he tells us that he had been outwitted. The children disappeared but he was able to prevent a kidnapping of BW.
We go to Karamix and report what has happened. He gives us the children's toy bear (a wooden toy) on which our pig can sniff to track them down.
The pig runs to the cave where we found the first piece of the amulet in the first generation (north of the arena)
Since it is pitch dark in the cave we refuse to enter it.
We go to Jolasius. He tells us about torches that never stop burning. He kindly gives us one of those torches.
Now we can enter the cave. Bambix and Feline are standing right in the middle of the cave.
We cannot fight the children but we can look into the chests.
the chest situated in the very left of the cave contains 200 SP
the chest right next to Bambix contains some primary resources
the chest behind the two children contains 2 Dragonfern
the remaining two chests do us harm when we open them
we can find 2 silver that are hidden in the pile of wood
for every further search in that pile we lose 1 silver
we also lose 1 silver when we investigate the bear
We open our inventory and click on the toy bear to show it to the kids. They don't want to come with us. We click on the bear for a second time. We persuade the children by promising them grilled chicken and chips for dinner (or maybe lunch).
Back to Karamix. He tells us cheerily that his kids are normal again. He also gives us the hats. To finish this quest we go to Tombo and give him the perilous hats.
When we also go to Kippfix and tell him that the children are in safety again he gives us 1 gold.

Day 24
Senkels Fishing-rod / The wager (Quest 46):
Senkel wants to relax a bit. Unfortunately he cannot find his fishing-rod. He tells us more when we visit him.
He believes that Stan borrowed it. When we could bring him his fishing-rod back he would give us shoes in return.
Stan is the inn-keeper of the tavern in Gaul. When we arrive there we ask him for the rod. He is too busy to get the fishing rod himself but offers us something: If we managed to return the fishing-rod within 15 minutes he'd give us a complete (gaming) level. notice: you need to talk to stan again after the countdown started!!!
He gives us a hint: we should start with our search at the tavern near the Teuton camp. That's the tavern north of the swamp.
He sends us to the tavern near the Gallic border. That's the tavern near the second mill.
From there we are send to the tavern at the Roman border. That's the tavern near Livius' house.
Unfortunately this inn-keeper gave the fishing-rod to the inn-keeper of the tavern near Karamix' house.
When we arrive at this tavern we get the fishing-rod.
Back to Stan where we are given the level up (as long as we returned in time)
Last way for today: we return to Senkel to give him his beloved fishing-rod back, in return we get the promised boots

Day 27
Pilou is Back / Mushrooms (Quest 47):
A message from Pilou. He opened an eating house in Gaul. He wants to get to know to us.
Pilou wants us to bring him 6 pretty mushrooms. We can find mushrooms on the way north of the arena.
As soon as we found 6 non-poisonous mushrooms we go to Gaul. To find the eating house we follow the path that leads from Kippfix's house to the south.
Our quite disliked sentinel blocks the way and wont let us pass unless we wear a ring, a brooch or a necklace.
We can buy a necklace on Thursday at Stan for 10 silver. When we feel unable to wait for Thursday we could get a ring from Karamix (3 gold) or a brooch from Lorena (5 gold)
With our piece of jewellery we return to the sentinel who now allows us to pass. We cross the bridge and find a market. There we can find Pilou, all traders, and a bank institute.
Pilou is pleased to get to know to us and offers to cook a mushroom dish for us. Notice: a poisonous mushroom will result in a poisonous dish!
After this quest we find Senkel fishing near the tavern above the swamp. Heather Rose is his temporary replacement in the tavern

Day 30
The Druid's Visit / Discord (Quest 48):
The druid stands in front of our house. He seems to be waiting for us .... What does he want?
The druid does not understand why Lorena does not want to see him. When we tell him that we lost the Water Card he is not very amused and tells us to lure the pupils to him.
Since their biggest strength is their unity we need something to divide them. Matricia suggests arguemushroom but does not know where to find them.
Heather Rose knows the position of the first one. It is a bit to the right of the guilds door.
Jolasius knows where to find the second one. East of the skull shaped rock.
Senkel knows where to find the last one. He still sits near the third tavern and is fishing. The arguemushroom is north of him.
When we got the three arguemushroom we return to Pilou who is preparing a decoction out of them.
We return to the druid and see that he is surrounded by the pupils. They wont let us pass.
Now we offer our help to the druid. Thanks to our decoction, the pupils starting to argue and the druid can escape.
We talk to the pupils and one of them takes our decoction. After that the next quarrel starts and we can enter our house again. Unfortunately every pupil got a piece of the Water card now.

Day 33
The Light in the Window / Horatio as messenger (Quest 49):
Lorena changed her mind and wants to see the druid but does not know where to find him. Therefore we are to bring him a message.
First we talk to Lorena. She gives us a love's vow that we shall hand over to the druid. Additionally she gives us a land map on which some romantic places are highlighted. On that places we are to say (or scream if you like to) her name backward. ... (for those who are too lazy to think about that: ANEROL )
The first romantic place is west of Lorena at the southern grain field. Click at the hut that is right next to the field and say the name backward. The druid's message is : Only those who are dead or well-versed in magic can reach my place.
The second romantic place is north of the first one. It is the meadow right next to the second mill. The druid's message is: I don't have any magical power anymore.
The third romantic place is south of the second place. It is the jetty in front of Livius's house. The druid's message is: I renounced the mortal.
As soon as we visited all of the three places the map crumbles.
To be able to bring Lorena's message to the druid we need to be dead or able to perform magic.
Matricia is either not able or not willed to help us so the only one who might be able to do so is Horatio. We go back to Jolasius who gives us a new bottle of "Frolique".
After we placed the bottle in Horatio's grave he agrees to hand over Lorena's message to the druid.

Day 36
Tombo's Secret (Quest 50):
Tombo calls for us. Hurry!!!!!!!
Tombo can't sleep cause because he drank too much coffee from Stan. We are to bring him a sheepskin from Isolde, since he always falls asleep when he sees a sheep.
We can find Isolde when we follow the path near the swamp to the south.... the way when we want to go to the robbers hut. There is a sheep farm and guess who's the shepherdess. *drumroll* yaaay it's Isolde.
Isolde will give us a sheepskin only when we matchmake her with Senkel. Off we go to Senkel. He is still fishing at the tavern near the swamp.
Unfortunately he is not interested in Isolde and refuses to meet her. We can persuade him when we give him 30 overpriced junk food (no there is not an extra 0! Razz)
On 'happy hour' days, you may have bought a property on the moon from Stan. You can persuade Senkel with this document too.
Now we get an invitation from Senkel which we rush to Isolde.
They want to date at Senkel's tavern. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurry, we don't want to miss such an extraordinary event ... Unfortunately we see that Senkel and Isolde do not really match.
Isolde returns to her home. We talk to her to get the sheepskin.
We bring that sheepskin to Tombo and now, finally he can have a little nap. As a reward we are given 50 silver.

Day 39
The Ritual / The ward (Quest 51):
We get a message from Matricia. BW is to participate in a ritual.
The event is to happen at the sea promenade in Gaul. The promenade is the most northern path in Gaul, just after the temporary bridge.
There we are not alone. The wolverines are awaiting us one by one and we have to beat them.
Every glutton is stronger than the previous one. When we talk to a wolverine he eats all the junk food and all the mushroom dishes we carry in our inventory. Since the wolverines are always very hungry they also eat all the bread we have in our warehouse. We should ask Pilou for poisonous mushroom dishes to weaken the wolverines. Maybe we need more than just one poisonous mushroom dish. NOTE: Only those dishes we have in our inventory count. So if one dish is not enough we need to get two dishes for the next try)
As soon as we beat all the wolverines we go to Kippfix to get BW. Together with BW we follow the promenade path up to the jetty.
There we utter the right spell "Strong and pure all the time".
BW gets clean and becomes the white pupil. We bring him back to Kippfix.

Day 42
The Water Map (Quest 52):
We need to get the water card back. Otherwise we will never find the amulet. Tombo still owes us one or two favours. Maybe he can help.
Tombo promises to call us when he spots a pupil.
Our next way leads us to Lorena. We tell her that we will need to fight her son if we meet him.
Now we get a message from Tombo. The first pupil is somewhere south of Pilou's old house.
Unfortunately the pupil is very strong. We go to Kippfix to get BW. Maybe the white pupil can achieve something against the black pupil. And yaaay, the black pupil is weakened severely by the white one.
We tell Pilou that we beat a pupil near his house. After that we get a message from Tombo again. Another pupil is near Heather Rose's house.
As soon as we beat him, we tell Heather Rose. After that we get the next message. Another pupil is at the graveyard.
We tell Jolasius about our victory to get the next message. This time a pupil has been spotted in the swamp.
This time we tell Karamix about the victory, to get the last message. Now we have to beat a pupil near the jail.
Finally the water card is whole again and we own it. Hip hip hurray

Day 45
Something Is Going On / Fisherman's Luck (Quest 53):
Our water card shows a red X, just near the place where Senkel is fishing.
Senkel won't lend us his fishing-rod. We need to get one ourselves then. Senkel gives us the hint to try at a trader.
We try it at Stan. As we all know he has quite variety of goods. Unfortunately he has no fishing-rod for us. But hey, Stan has also information for us. A muscular man owns a fishing-rod.
We think of Karamix and Kippfix. We go and talk to them until Kippfix learns that Karamix could forgive him. Kippfix tells us that he will give us his fishing-rod as soon as Karamix forgive him.
Back to Karamix who tells us that he would love to forgive his brother. Unfortunately he always gets cold feet. Best thing that helps against cold feet is warm woollen socks which we could get from Isolde.
Isolde demands a curl of Tombo's hair in return. We get the curl when we give him some resources.
With the socks we go to Karamix. He gives us the chop-o-mat (hackinator). We bring the chop-o-mat to Kippfix who realises that it is a symbol of reconciliation.
Now we get the fishing-rod and we return to the third tavern to try our luck. The fishing place is on the small stream that leads to the inland.
Unfortunately we don't find any piece of the amulet, just fish. Surely Pilou can make a tasty dish with the fish.
When we return from Pilou Senkel is not on his fishing place anymore. He returned to his tavern.
There he tells us that he found a piece of the amulet. Obsessed with his benefits as he is by nature, he refuses to give the piece of the amulet to us before we found the other two missing pieces.

Day 48
Senkel and the Amulet / The Love Charm (Quest 54):
Senkel has a huge problem with his piece of the amulet. He has lots of guests but his till is not ringing as much as he expected.
And yeah, the tavern is really crowded. But he seems to have found the amulet's piece of love, since there are nearly exclusively women in the tavern that flirt with Senkel.
When we want some information Matricia is the best person to ask. She has some advice for us. We need to find a woman who truly loves Senkel. Also, she needs to do something that impresses Senkel.
No problem to find the right lady. Unfortunately Isolde don't want to try her luck because she's worried about not standing out from the crowd.
A little chat to Senkel and we learn that he owes a huge amount of taxes to the office.
To pay those taxes would be an impressive action indeed, but Isolde has not enough money to pay it. Since we are so good at heart we pay for her.
Isolde gives us a wig which we wear when we enter the tax office. The officer tells us how much Senkel is owing: 1 gold and 10 units of every resource.
When we pay Senkel's taxes we get a receipt. (Of course we give it to Isolde)
Isolde promises to go to Senkel. Again we don't want to miss the event so we hurry to get to the tavern.
Isolde and Senkel are talking to each other and at the end of their conversation Senkel agrees to give us the piece of the amulet.
After a short talk to Matricia this quest is finished.

Day 51
Horatio's Ghost / The ancestry of the travel pig (Quest 55):
Oh what a surprise. Horatio wrote us.
We hurry to the ruin where he is awaiting us.
After we said the right password "Mundus Vult Decipi" we can enter.
And really, Horatio's ghost is waiting for us. From a talk to him we learn that the druid forgave us. When we are to give the water card to the druid we get suspicious.
At this very moment the true ghost of Horatio pops up and explains to us that the druid pretended to be the ghost to deceive us.
We are to run to Matricia to warn her and to tell her to take good care of our beloved beautiful piggy, since it's origin seems to be of high importance.
So we hurry out of the ruin but it is already too late. Our sweet and good travel pig has disappeared. (oh cruel world)
Maybe it is with Matricia. They have known each other for such a long time *hope*
Unfortunately she has not seen piggy baby. She tells us to visit and ask everybody about our pig.
With everybody I mean really everybody. The ancestor, Tombo, Heather Rose, Jolasius and so on... , all the inn keepers, the tax officer, the banker, even the brightsmith and the black jack guy. EVERYBODY!!!
After that we return to Matricia and tell her that we couldn't find the pig. It must have been kidnapped (Or shall we say pignapped? )

Day 54
Tonk's True Nature (Quest 56):
We should visit Matricia and try to get some more information about our cute pig.
Matricia tells us how she got to know the travel pig. It seems as if it was found at the shores of the Sea Witch. Unfortunately she doesn't know where that is.
Nobody wants to tell us anything about the shores. South of the market in Gaul we meet an old friend: Tonk!
He will tell us something about the shores as soon as we bring him an eternal violet, elegant clothes and a laurel wreath.
Pilou gives a hint where to find an eternal violet: in a dead person's eyes. And yay, we really find it at the skull shaped rock near the robbers hut.
Isolde helps us with the elegant clothes. She gives us a costume.
Karamix gives us the laurel wreath.
We rush back to Tonk to give him everything.
Thanks to the violet he will never ever turn into a wild bloke. The clothes and the wreath transform him back into Tonkarius the Magnificent.
Now he tells us something about the shores of the Sea Witch: It is a small island near the Roman camp at which shores lies a ship's wreck that is called "Sea Witch". Additionally the island is said to be an outpost of the forbidden area.
We discover the island really fast since the castle's ruin that stands on it can hardly be missed. An invisible barrier stops us from entering the island.
We tell Matricia what we found out but she does not know how we could enter the island.

Day 57
Meeting Horatio / Mechanisms (Quest 57):
Horatio writes to us that he wants to meet at the ruins.
He tells us how he won the amulett. When we tell him about the shores he says that we could go there with the help of a portal
To use the portal we need to go to the cellar of the ruins and solve the mirror's riddle. We reach the cellar when we move the stone left of the shelf with the scrolls (maybe we need to refresh before).
When we go downstairs we see four portals and nine panels on the walls that are arranged like a keyboard.
Our beloved ancestor can help us: in his sleep s/he is murmuring the numerical sequences 2-7-6 and 3-9-1.
Back at the ruins we hit the panels 2, 7 and 6 (top left is 1, bottom right is 9).
When we did everything right we can go through the 4th portal. We arrive in a new room, which we leave. We are on the island with the ruins of the castle.
At the exterior of the castle we find a tablet. Of course we push it.
In the small room under the ruins we push the panels 3, 9 and 1 to activate the portals. This time we choose the big portal.
The guardian of the portal gives us some new information but wont let us pass to the forbidden area.
Back we go to the exterior of the castle, press the panel (maybe we have to press it second time) and return to the small room to activate the small portals again by pressing 3, 9 and 1. Portal 4 will bring us back to the cellar of the ruin.
NOTE: do not skip texts before entering the code since it might cause the external panel to reset itself!

Day 60
The Rule of seeming dead (Quest 58):
It looks as if Matricia found a way to enter the forbidden area. We need to bring her two animated items.
The robber's hats are animated. Where are they? Surely Tombo knows it.
Tombo tells us that the hats had been lowered deep into the swamp.
We go to the swamp. Fortunately some spots are marked with "search hats". That will help us to find them ..... hopefully
When we find the hats we return to Matricia. She puts a spell on the hats so we can pass through the portal. (the hats turn pink after matricia put the spell on them )
We go to the cellar of the ruin, press 2-7-6 and use portal 4 to go to the castle's ruin. Then we press the panel of the exterior and panels 3-9-1 at the inside to activate the big portal.
And yeah... we can pass and reach the forbidden area. Unfortunately the power of the portal is not fully reloaded yet, so our stay does not last long.
We go back to the exterior, press the panel, return to the inside, press 3-9-1 and use portal 4 to get back to our cellar.
All we can do now is to wait till the portal is reloaded fully.

Day 63
Help is near (Quest 59):
Jolasius sends a message. At the shores of the Sea Witch one can hear sounds of humming and droning. Is the portal finally reloaded fully?
We rush through the cellar to the castle's ruins and activate the big portal again.
And really, it is reloaded. The portal tells us to hurry since our stay seems to be limited.
When we roam through the forbidden area we find our travel pig. It is tied up with magical bonds to a sacrificial altar. To free it we need the Magical Disposable Knife from the Divine Forge.
The forge is north of the altar. We enter it and take the knife.
We can unbind the pig but the altar wont let it go unless we prove that we are the legitimate owner of our sweet piggy.
The altar has some questions for us:
Senkel's saying: waste not, want not
Heather Rose's book chapter: How our hero saves the piggy
Isoldes sheep: 7
Bambix's piece of work/handicraft: a sling
Jolasius' nickname for Matricia: a charming old dear
Lorenas planned purchase: slaves for the household
What Pilou likes best: ladies without gentlemen's company
Now we can take our pig with us. We return to the castle's ruin through the portal in the north-east (or when the time is up). We take piggy to task. Since it is still weakened we get a message.
After we read the message and learnt some new information we return to the cellar of the ruin via portal 4. We leave the cellar via portal 1 since piggy cannot climb up the rope (therefore we need to use the code 3 9 1). We bring our pig to Matricia where it can chill for some time.

Day 66
The Underground River (Quest 60):
Senkel is writing. He asks whether there is still nothing going on with the water card.
And really. A new cross showed up on the card ... strange.... there is no water
In front of our house the druid lies in wait for us. When we talk to him he puts a spell on us. Some of our status bars turn all red.
We go to Karamix. He tells us that Kippfix has got a dowsing rod. Unfortunately Kippfix refuses to give the dowsing rod to us unless we grow stronger. (Note: Do NOT distribute a point on strength before you are really told to do so by Kippfix!!!!)
When we don't have any skill point left that we could distribute on strength, we need to level up or buy a dowsing rod on Thursday from Stan.
As soon as we get a dowsing rod we go to the fenced area between the grain field and Livius's house.
There we search for water until we find an underground stream.
Finally we hold the amulet of smartness in our hands ... yaaaay we are heroes

Day 69
The Dream Riddle (Quest 61):
Matricia is calling for us. She dreamt that others dreamt of our piggy. We are to find out who dreamt about it.
Senkel dreamt about piggy. He told it the following: I spend more time on my hobby than Jolasius on his and less time than Pilou on his. I know that painting takes the most time of all our hobbies.
Heather Rose also dreamt of our pig. She told it the following: No, Tombo doesn't build funny gadgets. And I indulge in my hobby as many hours as Tombo and Jolasius do together on theirs.
Tombo told our pig the following in his dream: Pilou doesn't know anything about birds. And i indulge in my hobby one hour more per day than he does. So twice as long as Senkel.
Pilou talked with the pig about the following in his dream: Either Senkel or Heather Rose is growing little weeds. Me too has a hobby. After ending my daily work i indulge in my hobby for three hours.
Jolasius dreamt the following words: I spend the least time on my hobby. It is half as much as Senkel spends on his hobby. I cannot juggle and Pilou doesn't know anything about funny gadgets.
Kippfix, BW, Lorena, Isolde and Karamix did not dream of our beloved piggy.
We are to solve Matricias dream riddle with the help of the hints we got.
Question: Who knows about the bird's flight and how long is he/she doing this hobby daily? Answer: Tombo / 4
Piggy is remembering the past, the fever is sinking and we can take it with us finally... YAY

This is how the dream riddle works:
First we try to find out the time everybody spends on his/her hobby. (H=Heather Rose, T=Tombo, S=Senkel, P=Pilou, J=Jolasius)

H = T + J
T = P + 1 = 2*S
P = 3
J = S/2

From this we get the following times:
Jolasius = 1 hour
Senkel = 2 hours
Pilou = 3 hours
Tombo = 4 hours
Heather Rose = 5 hours

Senkel told us that painting needs the most of the time. So Heather Rose must be the painter. Jolasius told us that either Senkel or Heather Rose are cultivating plants. Since Heather Rose is painting it must be Senkel who is doing that as a hobby.
Joke articles. Neither Tombo nor Pilou know anything about funny gadgets. Heather Rose and Senkel got their hobbies. It must be Jolasius who is the specialist for funny gadgets.
We still have Tombo and Pilou. Since Pilou doesn't know anything about birds that must be Tombo's hobby. That leaves juggling to Pilou.

In a nutshell:
Jolasius = 1 hour = funny gadgets
Senkel = 2 hours = cultivating plants
Pilou = 3 hours = juggling
Tombo = 4 hours = bird's flight
Heather Rose = 5 hours = painting

Day 72
The Education Starts / Training (Quest 62):
Matricia wants us to bring BW to her. That shouldn't be too hard....
As soon as BW arrived at Matricia he has to accept a vow of silence. Matricia asks us to bring her some special papers: Einstein's theory of relativity, Freud's dream interpretation and Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
The papers seem to be in the forbidden area. To get them we have to become more dexterous.... so add a point on agility.
Now we are ready for the forbidden area. In front of the divine forge we meet the druid. He is babbling to himself. Finally we can go further to the north through the boggy area.
We reach a high temple in which the papers are. After taking them we leave the forbidden area and bring them to Matricia.
With the help of the papers BW can finish his education and warns us against 7 plagues that are to come. At the end the druid is said to reach his full power.

Day 75
Vermin / Plague I (Quest 63):
Jolasius asks for help. His grapevines are afflicted from a plague of insects. All the vines are full of aphids (that's lice ).
We should consult BW and Matricia. BW is floating in midair on the path between the arena and Matricia and has a cryptical line for us. Matricia is not making any comments on that.
Is BW hinting us to burn down the whole vineyard? In the beginning Jolasius is not really pleased by that idea but then he remembers that he has a fireinsurance.
Unfortunately he is not allowed to start the fire himself and he has no eternal torch left anyway. He sold all his torches to Stan.
Stan demands 10 bread for one torch.
With a torch in our helpful hands we return to the vineyard and set it on fire by clicking on the vine. After that we get Jolasius's insurance policy, we are to take it to Stan.
We are lucky and Stan does not realize what we just did and gives us 100 gold. NO! we cannot keep it. We take the gold to Jolasius..... but hey, it is not that bad.... Jolasius gives us 10 gold for our help

Day 78
The Meteor / Plague II (Quest 64):
Lorena calls for help but her message doesn't give too much information. We have to take a look for ourselves.
Oooooops. Lorena's house is a heap of ruins. A huge meteorite fell straight onto her roof. Now she is helpless and doesn't know what to do.
Surely BW has a hint for us. He tells us to bring Lorena to the olive oil man.
Lorena knows who that man is (The more smarter of us do know that too, of course ... ): Livius (what a surprise ). Lorena asks us to help her to get into his house.
Naturally the house is locked but lucky as we are we know that Jolasius has some lock picks for us. We try every lock pick till the door opens.
Livius is at home and not too pleased that we broke in his house. To cap it all he doesn't want to take Lorena as a guest.
When we think really hard we remember that there is another person with an empty house. Pilou! He is a good man and dedicates his house to Lorena. Now she has a home again.

Day 81
Speaking trouble / Plague III (Quest 65):
This time the Plague is hard on Senkel. The message we get from him is not really understandable. All the words are written backwards. What is going on?
Senkel wants us to ask BW for advice. BW thinks that a jumbled lettuce could help. He mentions the meteorite and Jolasius' burnt vineyard.
We go to the meteorite. .... Best we take a bit of it. You never know when it turns out to be useful.
Now we go to the vineyard. We crumble the bit of the meteorite onto the ash ground. Suddenly a head of a lettuce grows in the top left. We take it and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it is a jumbled lettuce. Back to Senkel.
He can talk normally again. We get 10 junk food as a reward.

Day 84
Endless Sleep / Plague IV (Quest 66):
Tombo has a problem. His message is incomplete.... it seems as if he has fallen asleep....
Our speculation was right. When we arrive Tombo is sleeping deeply. We can wake him but without a coffee he falls asleep immediately. We need to get some coffee.
There is no coffee in the taverns. Obviously the last delivery did not arrive.
BW's hints are puzzling as usual. We have to brew the coffee ourselves and "the man who is ahead of his time" has 3 keys to it.
Probably "the man who is ahead of his time" means Stan.... After all he needs to get the stuff for his Special Event Days from somewhere....
When we ask him about the keys Stan confesses that he owns them indeed. Unfortunately the coffee storehouse is in the forbidden area. Stan cannot go there.... but hey... we CAN!! (are we cool?! )
Stan tells us where he hides the keys. Naturally he forgot the exact place (*sigh* would have been too good). He remembers that he placed each key in a different tent camp.... and how could it be different?! He doesn't know which tent camps are the right ones ....
We find the keys in the following camps: 1. The tent at the parting of the ways west of Pilou's house (its the one where Lorena is now living) 2. The tent where BW is levitating. 3. The tent near the bridge west of the robbers hut.
Now we go to the forbidden area. Stan couldn't tell us where to find the storehouse but we are smart, aren't we? We will find it ourselves.
When we follow the path in the forbidden area to the north we find a tower. The path to it was blocked before.
The tower is locked with 3 magical padlocks. We use our keys and ... (you know what comes next?! ) YES, we can enter the tower. Now that we are in the tower we grab the coffee sacks.
We return to Stan who will take care of the distribution to the other taverns. Cause we did such a great job we are rewardedwith 10 diamonds.
And do you know what is the happy end of that quest? Shall I tell you? Shall I? erm.... Finally Tombo is wide awake again

Day 87
Sheep trouble / Plague V (Quest 67):
The next plague hits Isolde. Her sheep are literally gone with the wind and now they are untraceable.
We have to search for 7 sheep that are spread somewhere over the map.
BW gives us a hint. We need several different herbs to collect the sheep.
The first sheep hides north of the arena (where sometimes one of the random npc fighters stands). To collect it we need 2 Dragonfern and 1 Stagfoot.
Another sheep can be found north of the swamp right next to the Teuton camp. This time we need 3 fine herbs.
Next sheep: its located at the second charcoal burning place (east of the robbers hut). We need 2 Stagfoot and 1 fine herb.
To collect the sheep on the field north of Livius' house (where we found the underground river) we need 2 Dragonfern and 1 fine herb.
The fifth sheep is in Gaul at the sea promenade. We collect it with 1 Dragonfern, 1 Stagfoot and 1 fine herb.
The next sheep is a hard nut. In Gaul we go to the south until we reach the Gaulish camp. Then we turn to the right into the forest. At the palisade we head to the north and find a .... guess what! .... a sheep!. We need 3 Stagfoot.
The last sheep is south of the Gaulish Camp near the place where we met Tonk. (Its the place where many violets are blooming). To collect this sheep we need 3 Dragonfern.
Together with those seven lovely sheep we return to Isolde to give them back. Naturally she is delighted.

Day 90
The Poisoning / Plague VI (Quest 68):
We get a message from Lorena. Pilou has moved back into his old house and lies in bed mortally ill.
Pilou looks really bad. Obviously he ate a poisonous mushroom.
Let's see BW. We need somebody who can brew a potion out of 13 poisonous mushrooms, children's tears and a hair of the beard of somebody in love.
Of course Matricia will take over the brewing of the potion. Unfortunately she has no jar of children's tear. We should get one.
But first we deal with the mushrooms. Fortunately poisonous mushrooms are easy to find.
Now we need to get the children's tears and a suitable jar. Karamix allows us to take tears of his children. Additionally he tells us how to make them cry: peeling onions.
We find an onion right of Jolasius's vineyard. After talking about it (with Jolasius) we can pick it. After picking the onion we talk to Jolasius again!
The problem with the jar can be solved by Lorena. She gives us two empty perfume bottles.
Now we return to Karamix who allows us to make his children cry. After talking to both of them we are in possession of children's tears.
We still need the hair of the beard. We cannot use Senkel's hairs but luckily Isolde is suffering from unexpected growth of a beard. Quickly we take one hair and return to Matricia.
She is brewing the antidote. We take it to Pilou but he refuses to drink it.
Lorena could tell us how to make him drink the antidote but she wants one of the robbers hats in return. Obviously we have no choice. Finally we make Pilou drink the antidote. He immediately returns to his cookshop.

Day 93
A Message from Lorena / The double agent (Quest 69):
Lorena writes that she went to the forbidden area and that she realised that the druid really has bad intentions. She wants to talk to us but that's not that easy since she is invisible when we enter the forbidden area.
BW tells us to visit Horatio. He is in his grave above the vineyard. Horatio hints us to two items called "Stereocel" and "Tadamonica".
We receive those items from Tonk who stands in front of the ruins (his former palace). Unfortunately we have to give him our two pieces of the amulet in return. *snif*
Indeed we meet Lorena in the forbidden area when we take the very first path to the west. She warns us that the next plague will hit Heather Rose. Lorena also tells us that she will keep an eye on the druid.
When we return to the divine forge we meet the druid who teleports us to the jail.

Day 96
Hairy Story / Plague VII (Quest 70):
We get 3 messages at once. wow, are we so popular? The letters are from Heather Rose, Jolasius and Karamix. Jolasius and Karamix say good bye since the two of them start journeys. Heather Rose is asking for help.
When we arrive at Heather Rose we hardly recognise her. Her hair is rampant. She can hardly speak appropriately anymore.
BW tells us to meet Isolde.
Isolde offers us to cut Heather Rose's hair. In return she wants Senkel to shepherd her .... *drummroll* ... yes! her sheep.
Senkel agrees to do so willingly but he needs a stand-in at his tavern. Heather Rose can't do it and he distinctly debars Stan from doing it.... Let's go and search for a suitable stand-in
Jolasius and Karamix are away. Matricia doesn't feel like doing the job, neither does Tombo (He is located in front of the jail now). Fortunately Pilou will do it but he demands 10 fish in return.
As soon as we get the fish we return to Pilou. He just wants to cook the fish while we inform Senkel that Pilou is the new stand-in. Senkel sends us to tell Isolde that he will come to take care of her sheep.
We talk a bit to Isolde and then we go back to Heather Rose. When we arrive Isolde already cut her hair and she looks normal again.
All of a sudden the pupils appear and announce that the spell of protection won't stop them anymore. Furthermore they allied with their father again and have pignapped our beloved piggy ....again!... *snif* oh nooooooooo.

Day 99
Confrontation / Disempowerment (Quest 71):
Senkel, Isolde and all her sheep bid farewell via a pigeon. Heather Rose will take over the tavern until they return.
Senkel also mentions the water card. Maybe we can see something on it?
And really. A red X appeared in the forbidden area. Unfortunately the way to the forbidden area gets complicated since Tonk's ruins finally collapsed completely.
Luckily we find a new way at the place where the ferryman used to be (south of the guild area, first turn after Heather Rose's house).
There we meet Lorena. She stands in front of a bridge that was built by the druid and his pupils. Mortal people cannot pass but we are still considered to be seemingly death.
At the lake that is marked on the card we meet the druids and his pupils. Piggy is with them (poor piggy ).
As soon as we talk to the druid he banishes us into the jail. Luckily Tombo is positioned there and of course he releases us immediately. Tombo suggests to turn the tables... Sounds good, but the question is: HOW????
Again it is BW who gives the crucial hint to combine the "Bitter One" and the "Fallen One" to the "Turnaroundstone".
The "Bitter One" is the gall stone of our ancestor. He demands a coffin in return. Surprise, Stan is just offering one for just 2 gold.
We take the coffin to our ancestor and receive the gall stone.
The "Fallen One" is the meteorite that bounced onto Lorena's house. We touch it with the gall stone that changes its form. Tadaaaaaah... We hold the Turnaroundstone in our hands.
With the help of that stone we can go and challenge the druid.
Again the druid wants to teleport us away but this time it is him who gets moved away. The pupils are no obstacle. They let us pass.
We follow the path. Left of the camp we find a spot at which we can search for the piece of the amulet (in the water). The lake is too deep for fishing but our talented piggy can get it out of the water.
We take the piece of the amulet to Tonk who will keep it in safe custody for our descendant.


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